Receive reasons to believe
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Objective: to show how unique the Christian faith is

Our aim is therefore to develop a major collective campaign to promote the Christian faith around the novel concept of "1,000 reasons to believe":

  • A reference website will list and give concrete details over time of 1,000 carefully selected rational reasons for believing (philosophy, theology, science, fioretti, prophecies, apparitions, miracles, saints, testimonies of encounters with God, etc.) with a "top 10" and a "top 100" that we will develop in particular with the help of all the people, organisations and movements who want to join the project and take part in it.
  • A "1,000 Reasons to Believe" web TV will also feature a wide range of videos produced by our team of apologists (Matthieu Lavagna, Frédéric Guillaud, Fabrice-Marie Gagnant, Benoît de Fleurac, Patrick Sbalchiero, Olivier Bonnassies, etc.), other contributors and influencers and the project's partners.
  • A number of books and booklets will also be published to explore these issues in greater depth, serve as a documentary base and hammer home the "top 10".